Training & C urriculum

NSSA training & curriculum programs are world class for school staff and students, great way to promote a positive culture in your school. 

We provide:

  • Bullying Prevention Training & Curriculum
  • Character Building Lessons
  • Restorative Justice for schools
  • Leadership Skills
  • Stand4kind
  • Reduce Misbehavior & Referrals 
  • Creating a Successful Classroom

We customize a full training program base on your schools needs.

The Impact of Positive Behavior Intervention, Bully Prevention, Restorative Justice Training for Teachers can Change School Culture, Impact Referral Rates for Misbehavior, and Increase Academic Achievement. 

NSSA professional development program trains the whole school staffs for the purpose of reducing changing school culture, referral rates decreased for students misbehavior, bully incidents decreased, and special education evaluation. The program focused on training teachers and paraprofessionals in behavior management strategies to increase “high approval teaching,” to develop structured and organized classroom environments, to engage in contingent teaching, and to improve the overall school climate. The findings suggest that training whole school staffs is an efficient way to reduce referrals for student misbehavior, to reduce the number of conduct-based referrals for special education evaluation and to impact positively on student achievement. The data demonstrate that increasing on-task behavior in classrooms and reducing misbehavior results in increased student achievement. This work stresses the importance of teaching pro-social and pro-academic behaviors k-12th grade, how these behaviors are critical to school success, and the way in which school principals can provide leadership for this work. 


Students  will be trained in world-class leadership techniques, bully prevention, skills on giving lessons and training other students, PBIS,  lead service projects and acts of kindness to teach compassion, empathy and self-esteem  and will set the example for the rest of their peers in creating a bully-free school.


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