Message for Educator's



Simple Change Starts in the Classroom

Teachers hold the most influence in reducing bullying in schools. Create a safe and respectable classroom by having students develop their own code of conduct. Celebrate diversity in your classroom. If you witness bullying as it’s occurring, stop the bullying immediately. Talk to all participants, including bystanders. If a student reports bullying to you, never ignore or downplay the incident. Follow up on all reported incidents.

Appropriate responses to bullying do not fall into a “one size fits all” model. Intervention approaches will depend in part on the age of the students, the type of bullying that is occurring, the number of students involved and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Follow your school’s policies for reporting bullying and seek support from administration when needed.

Investigate all reports of cyberbullying. When cyberbullying takes place on campus, schools are obligated to take action. However, even if the cyberbullying occurs off site, schools have a responsibility to become involved.