Anti-Bullying Resource Tip line


 Give Students the Tools They Need to Prevent Bullying & Report

The National Student Services Association is proud to announce our latest tool to help prevent bullying in schools – the Anti-Bullying Resource Tip Line. Unlike traditional student tip lines, our Resource Line is designed to train students on how to handle bullying.

  •  Provide counseling resources to help bullies and victims
  •  Students answer a series of questions and are provided with resources and    suggestions customized to the type of bullying they face.
  • Teach students positive ways to prevent bullying, cyberbullying, or harassment based on gender, orientation, religion, race and more
  • Train students with action plans and suggested responses to stop bullying.
  • Automated responses provide instant access to videos, tips, and other training materials.
  • Cases can be escalated to receive one-on-one assistance from an NSSA counselor or
  • Bully tips are transferred to school admins and tipster  stays anonymous.
  • Reduce workload on school counseling staff.
  • Works great alongside 2-way tiplines or as a standalone service.
  • Free for students to use.
  • Content written and provided by leading experts.